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Exporting content

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This task can be undertaken by users with the following roles: OC Site Manager and OC System Administrator.

The export content feature is used to bulk export content from your OpenCities site into a spreadsheet containing the data for each page. You can do this to make it easier to bulk edit your pages, and it's an easy way to get a spreadsheet template in preparation for importing content.

You need to export content according to OpenCities content type, so you may need to export one branch of your site tree at a time. Your content will be exported into a .zip file containing an Excel spreadsheet and a folder containing the files that are attached to each page through the WYSIWYG Editor and main image field.

How to export content

When exporting content, you need to start in the Pages section of your admin because you'll need access to your site tree.

  1. Right-click on the parent page of the site section you want to export, then select Export Content.
  2. Choose the content type you want to export, and a notification will appear telling you how many pages of that content type are in this branch of the site tree. 
  3. Select Next.
    export by content type
  4. Select the page fields that you want to export. If you need all of the fields, check Select all. If you need to export the files attached to each page, ensure that you also check Attach Asset Files.
  5. Select Next.
    export content fields
  6. You'll be given a summary of the content you're exporting, including the content type and fields. Check that it's correct, then select Export.
  7. If successful, you'll see a confirmation page where you can select Download to get the .zip file containing your spreadsheet and files.

Once you have your spreadsheet, you can make any edits you need to in bulk then import the content back into your site. 

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