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Create an OC Resource page

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The OC Resource content type presents additional information, links, and documents on initiative pages. It is a way to provide updates for an initiative without updating the initiative page itself.

When creating an OC Initiative page, a Resources listing page will automatically be made as a child page with the OC General content type. When you create an OC Resource page, you will create it as a child of this listing page. Once published, the resource's title, date, and summary will display in the Resources side panel of the initiative page and on the Resources listing page. Selecting a resource will take the site visitor to the OC Resource page to see all the resource content provided.

Because we automatically create a Resource listing page as a child page of a newly created OC Initiative page, the URL path and content list are already in place to link them together. You cannot change the Page name of your Resources page. For example, the Page name will automatically be "Resources", and you cannot change it to "Resource"; doing so will break the link between your Initiative and Resources pages. While you can change the Page title, please ensure you do not modify the Page name or content list. 

Resources on the initiative page and the resource listing

Create a Resource

To create a resource for an initiative:

  1. Navigate in the site tree to the Resource listing page for the initiative.
  2. Right-click on the Resource listing page and select Create Page.
  3. Choose OC Resources as the content type.
  4. Fill in the necessary details.
  5. Publish your page.

Resources in the site tree

Make sure you publish your OC Resource page and the Resources listing page to show on the OC Initiative page.

What to include on your resource page

The main feature of an OC Resource page is the WYSIWYG Editor, which you will use to create the majority of your resource content. However, the page fields are equally as important. Use the following information to fill out the fields of your OC Resource page:

Field Function
Page name

Completes the unique page URL

Resource title The title of the resource. This appears on the initiative page, on listings, and at the top of the resource page.
Resource summary This is a brief overview of the resource, which appears on the initiative page and listings.
Published on date

The assigned publish date for the resource, which appears on the initiative page, on listings, and the resource page. This date is used to sort the resources, with the most recent appearing first.

Please note that this is not the date that the page version is published.

Add resource files

Attach links to files in your Files Library, or links to internal or external pages, using the Insert links option.

For internal links use the Select an internal link icon to navigate to the page you're linking to. For external links, paste the URL into the Link URL field.

Supporting information This is a legacy feature of the product. Currently, there is nothing under this menu.

an example resource page

What else?

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