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About the Services module

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One of the most important functions of city and council websites is to empower your community to complete tasks. To make this easy, we have provided the Services module, which consists of the OC Module Interface content type as a listing page and the OC Service content type to give details about the service.

The OC Service content type is built to present the different ways your community can access the service and show them how to complete tasks in the way they choose. For example, a 'pay a parking ticket' service might give residents details about mail and in-person payment, as well as the option and method to pay online.

Service listing page

Depending on how you've set your site up, you might choose to guide residents to your service pages via navigation menus or homepage top tasks. However, the OC Module Interface content type allows you to provide a one-stop directory that your community can reference to quickly and easily apply for or find more information about a service. 

Create a services listing page

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you would like to create your services listing page. 
  2. Select Create page.
  3. Choose the OC Module Interface content type.
  4. Select the OC Services - Global or OC Services - Relative template from the Template Name dropdown menu. For more information about the services templates see below.
  5. Fill out the necessary fields on your listing page. 
  6. Save and Publish your page

Service module templates

There are 2 different templates that list your service pages and each listing will show the service name, description and image (if you add one). Both templates also have a search function, allowing your community to search by phrase or keyword.

OC Services - Global:

  • Lists all service pages created on your site, regardless of where they exist in the site tree. (It’s best practice, though, to make OC Service pages child pages of this listing page so they’re easy to find) 
  • Stream layout
  • Search function on the right
  • 2 WYSIWYG content areas
  • Organized alphabetically
  • Use for an overall directory.
Service listing page with global template

OC Services - Relative:

  • Only lists service pages which are direct child pages of your listing page
  • Stream layout
  • Search function on the right
  • 2 WYSIWYG content areas
  • Organized alphabetically
  • Use for listing services that fall under one section of your site, such as listing all waste-related services or all animal-related services.
Service listing with relative template

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