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About the Message Board module

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The Message Board module is exclusive to Intranets and allows your staff members to communicate by posting and commenting on messages. The module has a message board listing page to list all messages, a page for each message, and (if you've set it up in your theme) a listing on your Intranet's homepage.

The message board can be used for shorter messages, such as announcements for particular departments, area or office closures, or messages about immediate news. In this way, it differs from the News module, which should be used for longer news articles and ongoing news items.

Message board listing page

The module uses the OC Module Interface content type to list messages and for pages to add and edit messages. Each message uses an OC Message page for the complete message and any attachments or images. The module also uses the OC General content type for message submission and removal pages.

See it in action: Check out the message board listing pagemessage details page, and  Intranet homepage on our demo site. Log in with the details given on the page.

Staff members can post messages directly from the message board listing page and can post them company-wide, or to specific departments depending on your settings. As admin staff, you can also create messages through the site tree.

When we create your Intranet site, we'll install the module for you and create all the pages you and your staff will need to list, submit, and edit messages. However, if you accidentally delete them, you may need to set them up again.

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