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About OpenCities sites

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There are four types of OpenCities sites, and each of them has a specific purpose:

  • Main site: your primary public-facing site, which houses the content your city or council needs to present to your community. Check out our demo site!
  • Intranet: an internal site for your organization where your staff can collaborate, communicate, and find information. Check out our demo site!
  • Subsite: secondary public-facing sites with differing URLs, styles, and content. Subsites can be used for many things, such as libraries, art centers or theatres, and leisure centers. Check out our demo site!
  • MyCity: an online portal where your community can register and submit their own content. MyCity sites are a great way to engage with your community. Check out our demo site!

Intranets, subsites, and MyCity sites are premium products; you'll first need to submit a ticket to purchase them or any premium modules. However, please note that a subsite isn't always necessary. You may have a large department that wants its own site, but you can also use landing pages or featured sections to give an area of your site a different look and feel.

OpenCities sites use modules to help you create content and manage your site, and each module has associated content types. Some modules are automatically installed, while some you'll need to install manually. Some modules are not available for some site types.

This table details all the available modules for each site; note that green refers to automatically installed modules and blue refers to those you need to install.

  Main site Intranet Subsite MyCity
A-Z Directory  
ATDW - premium  
Announcements  ✓ 
Bids and Tenders  
Community Engagement – premium  
Departments ✓*  
Development Applications  
Document Libraries  
Elected Officials ✓*  


Note: only one EngagementHQ site can be connected to one OpenCities site.

External User Management – premium
Eventbrite – premium  
General pages
Image Galleries  
Initiatives ✓*  
Jobs ✓*  
Landing pages  
Local Directory – premium  
Lost Animals ✓*  
Message Board      
Minutes and Agenda ✓*  
My Area      
Org Charts      
Page Discussions – premium, as part of Community Engagement  
Page Feedback  
Parks ✓*  
Public Notices ✓*  
Redirect pages ✓*
Related Content  
Rotating Banners  
Services ✓*  
Site Footer
Site Login  
Site Search  
Staff Directory      
Venues ✓*  
Works and Projects ✓*  

* Only available if you have already purchased a main site or Intranet.

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