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What's new in September 2017 (v1.10)

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Watch the webinar for a complete look at what's new:

Deliver content in more languages

We now support multiple languages! We know each council handles translation differently, so there are a few approaches you can take to start delivering content in more languages:

  • Got a translator on board? You can create translations of your pages in different languages, and move these through your usual workflow process.
  • Don’t have a translator? Let Google Translate take care of it for you and your content will be translated automatically.
  • The best of both worlds If you have your own translations for some pages but not others, combine these two approaches to cover all your bases.

When you set things up, you’ll decide which languages site visitors can choose from, and they’ll be able to choose from these using a language picker at the top of every page.


See a demo, or check out Set up a language for more information.

Change site text, buttons and labels

Ever wanted to change the ‘Search’ button so it says something else? Or edit labels and other pieces of text on your site so they’re more specific or accurate? Now you can. And if you work with more than one language, you can make sure each one is covered. (More > Text Snippets)


Check out Change site text, buttons and labels for more information.

Set up a dictionary of words specific to your council

In the past, only Power Publishers could add words to your custom dictionary while creating a page. Now, admins can do this at any time. (More > Dictionary)


Check out Add words to your custom dictionary for more information.

Hide or edit dates on consultation timelines and discussions

When you’re working with consultation timelines and discussions, you can now hide the dates that appear by default, or change them to the text of your choice.


See a demo

Find event dates more easily

For cleaner event pages, visitors will now see just five upcoming event dates by default, with the rest of the upcoming dates (and all past dates) hidden by default. When visitors select ‘Show all dates’ they’ll see the rest in a more logical order.


See a demo

Plenty of small improvements

All your content standards in one place

Previously, there were settings pages for Accessibility and for Offensive Words. These are now grouped together so you can manage all your site’s content requirements from the one settings page. (More > Site Management > your site > Settings > Content standards).

More readable tabs for services

If you have lots of tabs in your services, or the tab titles are long, they could end up being hard to read. Now, tabs will stack on top of each other instead of appearing side by side so visitors don’t miss a thing.

Image galleries look better on mobile

We’ve improved how image galleries appear when viewing on a mobile, so there’s less scrolling for visitors and they can see all images at a glance.

A table of contents that takes you to the right place

On General pages, when a visitor selects an option from the table of contents, the page now changes focus so they get taken directly to the page section they’re after.

More professional looking background images

If the background image you've chosen for a page with the OC Featured Background content type is shorter than the page, you can now choose to gradually fade from the image to your background colour. (your page > Overview tab > Fade from image to solid color when image is shorter than the page)

Note that if you've made custom CSS changes to the background image feature, this setting might not work as expected.

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