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Create featured content for your homepage

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Your homepage is where you highlight meaningful content on your site. You can display many of the most essential or frequently sought pages in the homepage tabs or top tasks, but you may want to publicize some essential services and pages in your featured content.

featured content row on the homepage

Featured content pages display in a featured content row, which needs to be implemented in your theme. They link out to pages on your site, so you should think about which pages are visited often or which might be hard to find. Some examples we've seen are to promote popular services, subsites, essential updates, and resources. They're also great for any topical pages of any content type, such as current initiatives or consultations happening in council.

Your featured content pages need to be created in the Featured Content folder we made as we built your site. You'll find this under the Home page in your site tree.

Featured content in the site tree

How to create a featured content page

Featured content uses the OC Featured Content content type, and they are displayed on your website in the same order as shown in the site tree. You can click and drag them within the site tree to reorder them.

  1. In your site tree, right-click on the Featured Content folder under your Home page.
  2. Select Create Page and choose OC Featured Content as the content type.
  3. Fill out the necessary fields.
  4. Publish your featured content page.

What to include on your featured content page

Use the following information to fill out the page fields on your featured content page:

Field Function
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Feature title The title displayed on the homepage for the featured content
Add feature summary A brief overview of the featured content for the homepage
Add feature image An image used for the featured content on the homepage. Featured content images are 480px wide on your homepage.
Add feature link URL Link to the page on your site that you want to feature

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