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About the Venues module

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The Venues module uses the OC Module Interface and OC Venue content types to create a listing of all the venues in your council or city.

A Venues listing page

The listings pulls in all OC Venue pages throughout your site and presents them in a stream layout, with the venue name, address, summary, image and categories to indicate what kind of events the venue is suitable for.

The listing page will show 10 venues per page and also has a search function, which your community can use to search by keyword, suburb, suitability or capacity. The OC Venues template has a WYSIWYG content area above the listing for an introduction and below the listing for any supplemental information.

Create a Venues listing page

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you want to create the listing
  2. Select Create page
  3. Choose OC Module Interface as the content type
  4. Select OC Venues from the Template Name dropdown menu
  5. Fill out the necessary fields of the listing page
  6. Publish the page

The Template Name dropdown menu with the Venues template selected on a Module Interface page

The listing page will pull OC Venue pages from all over the site. To keep the site tree organized, it may be helpful to create all OC Venue pages as child pages of the listing page. 

Next steps:

  1. Create an OC Venue page
  2. Learn more about venues templates
  3. Manage the Venues module
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