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Create an image gallery

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Use an image gallery page to show off a beautiful collection of images. You will need to first create an image gallery, before you can add it to pages throughout your site.

You may want to house all your image galleries in a folder in the site tree, or you may want to create them under the page they will be added to.

Image gallery organization options in site tree

If you don't want your image gallery to be seen anywhere outside of the page you're creating it for, make sure you check the 'Hide this page from navigation menus' box in the Settings tab.

How to create your gallery

  1. Right-click on a parent page in the site tree where you would like to create your galley
  2. Select Create Page.
  3. Choose OC Image Gallery as the content type.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields
  5. In the Add images to gallery field, select Insert links to add images. More details on the fields for adding images can be found below.
  6. To add your first image, select the link icon as shown below and browse the files library to the image you would like to add. All images used in an OC Image Gallery must be uploaded to your files library. Using this option to find your images ensures that the file path will be fully operational and makes it easier for you to keep track of which images you've added to the gallery.
    Link icon in add images menu
  7. Select Add More Links to add another image. Add as many as you need, then Save.
  8. Publish or Submit the page. If your gallery is unpublished, you will not be able to add it to another page.

Make sure you have permission to use all images before you add them to the gallery. Visit Best practices for images to learn how to optimize images for OpenCities. 

What to include on your OC Image Gallery page

Use the following information to fill out OC Image Gallery page fields:

Field Function/Display
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Image gallery name The name of the gallery. When viewed on its own, this name is displayed at the top of the OC Image Gallery page. This name will not display when a gallery is added to a page. There is a limit of 70 characters.
Description of image gallery A brief overview of the image gallery. The description has a limit of 400 characters.
Add images to gallery The field to add your images to your gallery. See Add images menu options for details on the pop-up menu for adding images.
WYSIWYG Editor The WYSIWYG Editor is not immediately viewable in the default template. It can be accessed through the WYSIWYG Editor dropdown, by selecting Body Content. This is useful if you want to have your galleries as independent page, and include an introduction. Any WYSIWYG content added here will not display when a gallery is inserted into another page.

Add images to gallery menu options

Field Function/Display
Link Text

The Link Text is used as the description or caption for the image on your page, so write something illustrative in this field.

Description The Description is used for alt-text
Link URL This field shows the file path of the image after adding them.
New Window This is a legacy option and may be removed in the future.
Four arrows icon The arrows icon on the left can be used to rearrange the order of images, by clicking and dragging the image. 
Cogwheel To delete an image, hover over the inserted image fields to see the cogwheel drop-down option. Clicking on this will allow you to delete an image from the gallery.

Add images to gallery menu

Next steps:

  1. Add an image gallery to another page
  2. Manage the Image Gallery settings
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