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Before you start

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Are you an OC Developer?

Before you can start using any of the developer tools we talk about in this section of the help center, you need to be an OC Developer.

We strongly recommend that OC Developers have prior experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you would like the OC Developer role applied to your OpenCities account, submit a support ticket.


Any future improvements and features released by OpenCities will not apply to your custom builds (custom builds include any theme, template, or device variable that you create yourself). If you choose to develop your own custom build or CSS, you'll have to maintain them and move across any new features manually. OpenCities does not take any responsibility for custom builds or CSS.

If any changes to the OpenCities framework break your custom builds, you will have to debug and fix the issues yourself. If you lodge a ticket about a custom build or CSS, you'll have to pay extra for support.

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