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Create email templates for forms

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This is a legacy form building tool and will not be supported or updated in a future product release. For a fully supported form building tool, we recommend using OpenForms. For more information on OpenForms, see Use OpenForms with OpenCities and the OpenForms help centre.

This is a System Administrator task

Email templates can be configured to send specific content from the form to a recipient as an email or message. The template engine is used in various areas of form completion including:

'Result Processing' in the Overview Screen

Email Template - to configure the email sent to a nominated recipient when a submission to the form has been received.

'Submission' section in the Overview Screen

Add Autoresponse Message - Email template used when an automated email has been assigned to be sent to the Respondent upon submission of the form.

Edit Thank you Message - Where the message displayed after the form has been submitted is configured.  The form is replaced by this message after submission.

Configuring the email template window

The template window uses a mixture of HTML code and plain text to create the message text.

Type out plain text to populate the message template and insert topical fields or tags into the message using the 'Select a Tag' drop down, selecting the required tag and clicking 'Insert'.  

These tags allow automated text to appear in the message, taken from the data entered from the submitted form.  The default tags appear on every form, however, when the form is created (in the Edit tab) the field 'Name' (or title of the field) and field 'Result' (response submitted for the field) can also be used to customise the message.  

Default tag description

Tag Display
Submission Date Date the form response was submitted
Form Response ID Unique identifier for each response
Auto Populate Fields Display all fields from the form
Submission's Username Username of the submitter (logged in users only)
Submission's First Name First name of the submitter (logged in users only)
Submission's Last Name Last name of the submitter (logged in users only)

Select the relevant tag from the list and click 'Insert' for it to appear in the message area.

Once complete confirm the new template by 'clicking set and close'.

Tip: Configure your email and message templates after you have set the Input Fields under the Edit tab for them to become available in the 'Select a Tag' drop down options.

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