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View and export form responses

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This is a legacy form building tool and will not be supported or updated in a future product release. For a fully supported form building and response analysis tool, we recommend using OpenForms. For more information on OpenForms, see Use OpenForms with OpenCities and the OpenForms help centre.

The reporting tab holds all the submitted data received for the form. Here you can view the responses in a spreadsheet, graph or export the data as a .csv or excel file.

The 'Date range' can be set to display results from the Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days or a Custom Date Range between specified start and end dates using the date picker. 

The statistics on responses display below, based on date range specifications, including number of responses, when the first and last responses was received during the selected date range (if Date range is applied).

To view all responses received keep the date range fields blank and click on ‘View Responses’ to see the results.

Certain field results can also be viewed as 'Data' or as a bar graph or pie graph (set in the input field settings in the Edit tab).  Click on ‘Show Graphs’ to view the Data or Graph for the field.

Export the results list to an Excel spread sheet or a CSV file (comma-separated values file), allowing you to have more flexibility when using the data for other purposes.

Once you have exported your data you can 'Delete form Responses' to remove the current form data.  This allows the same form to be reused on the site without retaining the old results.

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