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Create your own fields

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Fields represent the individual data elements in a content page. This can be structured content or WYSIWYG content. For more information on how fields are used in OpenCities please see our overview of the OpenCities framework. OpenCities already has a set of core fields installed. You can either create your own fields or reuse existing fields for your custom development.

There are a number of different types of fields in OpenCities. You can choose the appropriate field type based how you want to use the field. Within each field type, you would get few extra configurations to customize that particular field.

To create your own fields:

  1. Go to More > Fields.
  2. Click Create New Custom Fields; or select Custom fields from the left menu, then click New or Create New Custom Fields.
  3. Fill in the form. You’ll get a unique set of fields to fill in based on the Input type you select.
  4. Save when you’re done.

Common options for all input types


Enter a unique name for your field. It can’t contain any URL-unfriendly characters such as “ ? & , etc. We recommend keeping the name simple and generic so you can reuse the field later.


If you add a Description, content authors will see it as the field’s label instead of the Name. You can use this to provide more detailed instructions about what the field is for. If you leave this empty, the authors will see the Name as the field’s label.


Enable Include in search result text output if you want the content of the field to be searched when someone searches your website.

Input type

Select the input type. Changing the input type will show you different options to configure.

Check out Field types for a full list of the input types and their options.

What's next?

Once you've created a field, you might want to change its field template.

If you're happy with its template, add the field to a content type so you can start using it to build pages.

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