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Apply workflows in page permissions

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This is a Site Manager task

Instead of setting a workflow to a specific content type, you can assign workflow stages to a branch or specific pages in the content tree by using Page Permissions.

To apply, right click on a page to display the action menu and select a Page Permission option.

Select 'Set Child Page Permissions' if you want to set a workflow for a branch or the pages below the selected page. Select 'Set Current Page Permissions' if you want to set a workflow for a specific page. The tabs for both options are the same.

You have 3 Workflow stages which can be applied to the page.  The workflow needs to be set up to apply to updated content, new content or deleted content, which is configured under Workflow type in the workflow.  

When assigned, the relevant workflows will appear under the appropriate tab.

Approval Workflows Workflow that can be applied to new pages only - tick Update/New and New item
Workflow Update Workflows that can be applied to updated pages only - tick Update/New and Updated item
Workflow Delete

Workflows that can be applied to deleted pages only - tick Delete

Note:  To have a workflow available in both Approval Workflows and Workflow Update tick Update/New and both New Item and Updated Item.

To assign a specific workflow to the branch or page, open the appropriate workflow tab and tick 'Click here to customise the workflow for this branch of the site' and select the workflow from the list, then click 'Apply Permission'.

The page or branch will now go through this workflow when the specified action is taken on the page.

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