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How page module content is created and distributed in the site tree

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Selecting specific modules page types denotes the type of content you want to create, which will subsequently appear in the relevant lists for that content on the website.

For example, if you want to create an event item to appear in event listings and pinned on location maps, you would use the Event modules page type to create a page to display information for the event details page. Specific data collected for that page is then distributed to other relevant lists on the site referencing event items.

Module pages (for creation or update) can be accessed directly from the Dashboard using the predictive Search, My Shortcuts section, or manually by navigating through the site tree in Pages.

Using 'My Shortcuts'

The modules or page types listed under My Shortcuts link directly to the appropriate branch in the site tree where the specific selected content is kept. This allows content authors to create or update existing content of a particular page type without the need to navigate the site tree in Pages.

The information or data entered when creating pages using modules displays in other pages relevant for that module or content type e.g. a page created using the Event module will be published and shared to other event lists in the website such as Events on the homepage tab and the event listing page in date order, and pinned on the My Area map if the address entered is relevant to the event location.

For example, if you need to create a News page, hover over the OC News item icon in My Shortcuts and click create. This will open a new page instance so the content publisher can start creating content immediately and without being exposed to the site tree.

Behind the scenes, OpenCities has automatically created a new OC News page in the News & Media branch of the site tree where all News pages are stored.

To update pages of a particular page type, content authors can click on the 'See all' option on the page icon in My Shortcuts to open the relevant page type section in the site tree. From here the content publisher can search for the page or click on the page name to open the page in the site tree for editing by clicking update.

Once a page is published the data from that page is used in various areas to populate the site automatically including listing pages, section lists, menus, the homepage and the search. 

See the Content Types section in the help centre for more information about the different modules or page types available, what fields are used to collect module content and how the data from a page is distributed to other pages and searches.

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