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Create an OC General page

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Pages in your website can be broadly split into two categories – navigational pages that direct residents to the information they’re looking for, and content pages that contain that information. 

We’ve created specific content types for most kinds of content (services, events, department pages, and so on), but for pages that don't fit those categories, there are always general pages. 

example of a general page

General pages are a useful content type for displaying information that doesn't fit with any existing content types, such as "About" pages. However, it’s important to bear in mind that good city or council websites should mostly be about empowering your residents to get things done, and we encourage you to utilize our various content types to enable your community to complete tasks.

How to create an OC General page

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you would like to create your general page
  2. Select Create page
  3. Choose OC General as your content type
  4. Fill out the necessary fields of the page
  5. Publish your page

What to include on your OC General page

Our content types are composed of a number of fields that translate to different areas of a published page. The OC General content type has a number of useful fields that can be used together with the WYSIWYG Editor to structure your page.

The following fields are available in the Overview tab. Some, like the page name, are required. Others are optional.

Field Function
Page name Completes the unique Page URL.
Page title

The title displayed in navigation menus, landing pages, and as the title of the page. The title has a limit of 70 characters.

What is the purpose of this content? A short description of the page content that appears on Landing pages and search results. The summary has a limit of 400 characters.
Add main image Used as the main image on the page and displayed on the parent landing pages if applicable. We recommend an image width of at least 480px.
WYSIWYG Editor Body Content or main information about the topic of the page
Template name Select a page template to determine how the page content is presented. 
Supporting information
Side panels

Add additional side panel content using a WYSIWYG Editor. Use the field provided to name the panel, and the 'edit' button to open the WYSIWYG Editor.

Note: side panels will only display in the right-side column when the full-width templates are used. When the 2-column templates are used, side panels will display below the WYSIWYG content.

Add supporting links Internal or external links displayed in the 'Related information' section on the page.
Add supporting documents Uploaded documents displayed in the 'Related information' section on the page.
Add common search terms people would use when looking for this content Keywords or metadata to boost page to appear in search results
Content labels These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won’t see the labels). You can also make content lists using these labels.
Divide this page into sections 
Divide page by ... Divide the body content data by the heading level to allow long pages to be split into sections 
Display ...

Choose how to display your sections, either with a Table of Contents, Page sections, or both. For more details see Using sections to divide your content.

Include numbering in heading Add numbers to the Header titles based on the above selection 

Body content

The main content area of an OC General page is the WYSIWYG Editor. This isn’t limited to text – it can include images, maps, calendars, videos, forms, content lists, and other options available in the WYSIWYG editor.

You can select different layouts for your content from the Template name dropdown menu and selecting a page template.

Body content editor and Template Name menu dropdown

What else?

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