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Edit your images using the Image Editor

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You may find that some of your images need to be adjusted after you have uploaded them. As well as all your options for configuring the file, you can use our built-in Image Editor to modify your images.

Using the Image Editor, you can change your image's size, focal point, brightness, saturation, and orientation.

To edit an image:

  1. Select the image you want to edit in your Files Library to open it.
  2. If it has been published already, select Update.
  3. Select the Edit Image button beneath the small preview of the image.
    The Edit Image button
  4. Use the options in the Image Editor menu to make your changes.
  5. When editing, select Cancel to exit your current editing option and Apply to make the changes.
  6. When you're happy with your image, select Save.
  7. Publish the image to start using it on your pages.

If the image is already on a page, all edits made will automatically be reflected on the live site once that image has been published.

Image Editor menu options

Use the following options to help you edit your images.

The Image Editor menu


Set a new width and height for your image. Selecting the Resize option will show you the image's original dimensions and allow you to change them.

Typing one dimension in will automatically change the other. Select the padlock icon to unlock it and type each size manually.

The resize menu


Crop allows you to cut out a section of your image. Click and drag a bounding box over the area of the image you want to keep.

You can also manually the width and height of your cropped image to be more accurate.

The crop menu

Focal Point

Focal points help the system display the most critical part of the image in thumbnails and content images. When you upload an image, OpenCities will automatically detect a focal point for your pictures (people's faces, for example). Upon upload, the admin may take up to 7 minutes to detect a focal point.

To manually set it, uncheck Automatically detect focal point, and click with your cursor where you want to set the focal point. The crosshairs icon will move when you change it.

Alternatively, you can specify a percentage in the top fields. They specify how far the crosshair will sit from the top and the left of the image.

The focal point menu


The Brightness menu lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. To use these options, click and drag the sliders.

To make the image brighter, but maintain the level of constrasting shadows, move the Brightness slider up and the Contrast slider down. To make the image darker, move the Brightness slider down as you move the Contrast slider down.

The brightness menu


Use the Saturation menu to adjust the hue and lightness of the colors in the image.

Click and drag the Hue and Lightness slides to make your changes.

The saturation menu

Flip and Rotate

Select Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Rotate Clockwise, or Rotate Anti-Clockwise to change the orientation of the image.

The flip and rotate options

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