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About the A-Z Directory module

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The A-Z Directory module is used to create an a-z listing of frequently visited pages on your site. It consists of an OC Module Interface page and the OC A-Z Item content type. The module allows you to create multiple entries for a page to make finding popular pages easier for your community.

An a-z listing with 'R' selected

Using the OC A-Z Item content type creates a redirect under different search terms. For example, while you may have a page on your site titled 'Waste Collection,' community members may use terms such as 'Trash,' 'Rubbish' or 'Bins.' Creating an A-Z Item for each of these terms lets your community find the 'Waste Collection' page even if they're looking for 'Trash.'

Please note that the A-Z Directory is created to be an index of frequently used pages on your site. The directory is not automatically generated. Although we will set up the listing page, you must create an individual OC A-Z Item page for each item you want to include. The directory will only list OC A-Z Item pages.

We will create the A-Z directory for you when we create your site, but you will need to create each OC A-Z Item for the listing. We will set it up to display as a link in your Sub Footer. If you accidentally delete it, you can easily create another one. If you need to create another listing, make sure that you update the A-Z footer link to avoid the link breaking. The OC Footer Link for your A-Z Directory can be found in the folder labeled Sub Footer Links.

Create an A-Z Directory

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you would like to create your listing page.
  2. Select Create Page.
  3. Choose the OC Module Interface content type.
  4. Select the OC A-Z Directory template from the Template Name dropdown menu. 
  5. Fill out the necessary fields on your listing page.
  6. Save and Publish your page.

The listing will display a link for each letter in the alphabet. Clicking on a letter will generate a list of OC A-Z Items for that letter and selecting an entry will redirect the site visitor to the specified page. There are also two WYSIWYG Editors on the listing page for introductory or supplemental content.

What next?

  1. Create an A-Z Item page
  2. Manage the A-Z Directory module
  3. Learn about other directories, such as the Document Library module and the Services module
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