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Create an OC Project page

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OC Project pages provide a template to showcase the works and projects your council or city are undergoing.

Example of an OC Project page

There are a number of useful in-built fields on OC Project page, particularly the ability to add announcements that show at the top of the page and in listings. The fields under the "Project details" accordion menu will be pulled into an overview table at the top of the page.

Example of the Project Details overview table

There is also a WYSIWYG Editor on the project page, which allows you to provide a detailed explanation, images, or maps of the project.

Create a project page

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you want to create the page. We recommend creating all your OC Project pages under your listing page, to make it easier to find and update them.
  2. Choose Create page.
  3. Select OC Project as the content type.
  4. Select a page template from the Template Name dropdown menu.
  5. Fill out the necessary fields of the page.
  6. Add any additional information in the WYSIWYG Editor.
  7. Publish the page.

What to include on your project page:

Field Function
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Project name The name of the project, displayed in search results, listing pages and at the top of the project page
Add project summary A brief overview of the project for listing pages and search results
Add project image Main image for the project page. On both templates, this image will show wrapped by any text entered in the WYSIWYG Editor. Leaving this field blank will push the text out to fill the entirety of the main text area.
Project details
Add project completion date Set an end date for the project
Project type Enter a project type, "Roadwork" or "Construction" for example
Project value Enter a dollar value for the project
Project schedule Enter a project schedule or status update 
Contractor name Enter the name of the contractor being using for this project
Location details
Street address Street location for Google maps
Locality Suburb of project for Google maps
Postal code

Post code or ZIP code of project for Google maps

Latitude longitude (in decimal "lat, lon" format)

The latitude and longitude to determine the project location on a map. You can add this yourself, or it will be automatically generated from the street address when the page is published.

We recommend manually entering the lat/long for projects that don't have a fixed address. This will drop a map pin at the coordinates you specify.

Note: if you are adding this manually, please ensure the 'Overwrite lat/long values when the page is published' setting is set to 'No'. Access this setting from More > Site Management > your site > Settings > Location

Contact details
Contact name Name of contact person or organization
Contact phone number Phone number of the contact person or organization
Alternate phone number Alternate phone number of the contact person or organization
Contact email Email of the contact person or organization
Project website (starting with http:// or https://) Website URL for the project
Temporary announcement
What kind of announcement is this? Select from 'Temporary Closure', 'Announcement', or 'Warning'
Add an announcement

Add text for the announcement. 

Temporary announcements will show at the top of the project page below the title, and on the listing page

Supporting information
Additional side panels (Only for templates with side panels)

Add additional side panel content using a WYSIWYG Editor. Use the field provided to name the panel and the 'edit' button to open the WYSIWYG Editor.

Note: any side panel content will not be visible when using the OC Full Width template. Additionally, side panel content will fall to the bottom of the page when viewed on a mobile device.

Add supporting images Project related images for an image gallery on the project page
Add supporting links Project related internal/external links
Add supporting documents Project related documents
Add common search terms people would use when looking for this project Project keywords or metadata to boost page in search results
Content labels These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won't see the labels). You can make content lists using these content labels

OC Project pages can also be used with the MyArea module. Your community will be able to enter their address into the MyArea page you've created and see any ongoing works and projects around them.

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