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Create an OC Elected Official page

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OC Elected Official pages allow you to present the elected members of your city or council to your community. The fields built into the content type enable easy presentation of the official's name, title, contact details, and image. The WYSIWYG Editor, side panels, and accordion panel fields also give you ample space to give a full biography of the official and any detailed explanations of platforms or initiatives that are important to them and your community.

See it in action: Check out an elected officials listing page and an elected official page on our demo site.

An elected officials page

How to create an OC Elected Official page

  1. Right-click on the elected official listing page to create all elected officials pages below it, as the order of the pages in the site tree reflects the order in which they are displayed on the listing page.
  2. Choose Create Page.
  3. Select OC Elected Official as the content type.
  4. Fill out the necessary fields of the page.
  5. Add any supplementary information in the WYSIWYG Editor.
  6. Publish the page.

What to include on your OC Elected Official page:

Use the following information to fill out the OC Elected Official page fields:

Field Function
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Elected official's full name The name of the elected official. This is also used as the title of the page.
Elected official's title The title of the elected official. This is shown at the top of the page below the page title.
Additional information Any extra information, such as a short introduction or bio of the official. This information appears at the top of the page below the page title and the official's title.
Add a profile image of the elected official

A photograph of the official.

Note: we recommend using a 150x150 image. Uploading a portrait-shaped image will interfere with the focal point, resulting in the top of the image being cut off.

Enter a one- or two-sentence profile of the elected official A short bio or profile of the elected official. This will appear on the elected official listing page.
Select the ward this elected official represents

Choose the official's ward or district. This field links the official to the MyArea page, so a short bio of the official will show at the bottom of the MyArea page when someone enters an address that's within the district or ward that the official represents.

To add or change wards and districts, visit Manage location settings.

Is this elected official the Mayor?

Check Yes for the mayor of your city or council. If you check Yes, the mayor will always appear first on the elected officials listing page, the MyArea page, and any listings on the homepage.

On MyArea, the mayor will appear at the top of the list of elected officials for every address in My Area

Contact details
Contact phone number The phone number for the elected official.
Alternate phone number An alternative phone number for the elected official.
Contact fax number Fax number of the elected official.
Contact email The email address of the elected official.
Links to social media profiles

Links to the elected official's social media. These will appear on the listing page and the elected official page as social media icons.

If the domain of the URL you add has a matching icon in the default spritesheet, it will display with the link. This includes commonly used social icons, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc.

If there is no matching icon, a default link icon will display instead.

Supporting information
Accordion panels

Add additional content in a collapsible accordion panel by clicking the 'edit' icon to open a WYSIWYG Editor.

Side panels Add additional side panel content by clicking the 'edit' button to open the WYSIWYG Editor.
Add supporting links Related internal and/or external links for the elected official.
Add supporting documents Any related documentation for the elected official.
Add common search terms people would use when looking for this content Keywords or metadata to boost the page in search results.
Content labels These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won’t see the labels). You can make lists out of content with the same label.
Featured content
Feature image (min. width 900px) An image that displays at the top of the page below the page title, official's title, and any additional information. 
Feature image link Use the Insert links option to add a link to the feature image. This appears as a caption to the feature image.

Please note that all side panel content will appear at the bottom of the page when viewed on a mobile device. 

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