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Upload and insert files using the Document Manager

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When creating pages on your site, you can use the page's WYSIWYG Editor to upload and insert files onto the page. The Document Manager tool in the WYSIWYG Toolbar allows you to configure links to files in your body content.

document links on a page

How to use the Document Manager

To upload and insert a file using the Document Manager:

  1. In the WYSIWYG Editor of your page, select the Document Manager tool from the WYSIWYG Toolbar to open your Files Library.
    document manager icon in the toolbar
  2. Choose the folder you want to upload the file to and select the Upload Files icon.
    the uplaod icon in the files library
  3. Select Upload a file to browse your computer for the correct file. You can only upload one file at a time with this option.
  4. Select your File Upload Options and File Configuration Options. As you're uploading directly from a page, you cannot deselect the Publish after uploading option.
  5. If you want, change the Textfilename and File description. The File description will display as the text that appears when you hover over a link. We recommend adding a File description to each file as you upload them to have a backup tooltip. 
    upload files menu
  6. Select Upload.
  7. To add it to your page, select it in the grid or list and choose Insert.

When you're inserting a document, you can also change the link text, select if it opens a new window, and add a tooltip for screen readers.

insert files menu

File Upload, Configuration, and Language Options 

You have the following options when uploading files to the Files Library:

File Upload Options
Auto-rename new file

All new files that have the same name as any existing files will be renamed to include a number (e.g., 'file.jpg' would become 'file_1.jpg')

We recommend leaving this option as the default to avoid skipping a new file or overwriting an existing file.

Overwrite existing file All new files that have the same name as any existing files will replace the existing files.
Skip new file All new files that have the same name as any existing files will not be uploaded.
File Configuration Options
Publish after uploading This option cannot be changed when using the Document Manager; it will automatically Publish the file as it uploads.
Hide from search Check this box to hide new files from site search. 
This file is for use in all languages Select this option for files that can be used in all languages
This file is for a specific language Select this option for files that can only be used for a specific language. Selecting this option will display a dropdown menu where you can Select the relevant language.

What folder should I upload to?

There are three system folders to which you can upload files from your pages:

Group Files You can use the files in this folder anywhere on your site. When you access this folder through the Files Library, it will share the name of your site (Public, for example).
Shared Files You can use the files in this folder on any of your sites. When you access this folder through your pages, the folder will divide into separate folders for each of your sites. The file path will be Shared files > [your site] > [your folder].
Content files This folder holds files that are attached to your page rather than in the Files Library. This means that they can only be accessed from the page to which they are uploaded, not from the Files Library or any other page on your site.

When creating a page, you can upload files directly from the WYSIWYG Editor or the page fields. You can upload files to the Files Library (via the Group files and Shared files folders) or upload them to the Content files folder. The Content files folder is unique to the page you're working on. You won't be able to use any files uploaded to the Content files folder anywhere else on your site. We recommend uploading all files to the Group Files or Shared Files folders.

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