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Create an OC Landing Page

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A landing page shows a list of its child pages, so your site visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. They can act as a main menu for a new section of the site and can be customized to give a section of your site a different look. This is helpful if you want to organize and seperate your site into sections. It is also useful for separating sections with a low page count that do not require their own subsite.

On our demo site, for example, we have used a landing page to section out leisure center content.

How to create an OC Landing Page:

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you want to create your landing page.
  2. Select Create page
  3. Choose OC Landing Page as the content type
  4. Fill in all the necessary fields 
  5. Publish your landing page

What to include on your OC Landing Page



Page name

Completes the unique page URL

Page title

Title displayed in navigation menus and as the title of the page

Add a landing page image

By default, the landing page image is not shown on the page. It is only shown as a thumbnail when this landing page is shown in a list on another page. If you want it to be shown on the landing page as a feature image, choose Show image on page.

Show image on page

Check this box to show the landing page image as a feature image on this page. If you don't check this, the landing page image will only show as a thumbnail when this page is shown in a list on another page.

What is the purpose of this section?

A brief overview of the section content

Add links to key pages in this section

Add quick links to the most important pages in the section. These links will only be shown if you use a template with Quick Links. Read more about landing page templates

Supporting information


Add common search terms people would use when looking for this content

Keywords or metadata to help boost the page in search results

Content labels

These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won’t see the labels). You can also use these labels to make content lists.



WYSIWYG editor

Access the WYSIWYG to enter body content. Landing pages have two WYSIWYG content areas, one above the child page links and one below them for supplemental information.

Template Name

Select a template for this landing page. Read more about templates


  • If your child pages are not showing on your landing page, make sure they are published.
  • If you have added a landing page image and it is not showing in your preview as a feature image on the page, make sure you have checked the 'Show image on page' box.
  • Landing pages with a search function only support child pages with these content types: OC General, OC Landing Page, OC Module Interface or OC Redirect Page. Any other content types will not show on a landing page template with a search function. If you want to show other content types, you will need to choose a template without a search function. Pages hidden from search will also not show on Landing pages with a search function. To change this, go to the Settings tab > uncheck the 'Hide this page from search' > Publish your updated child page. Note: We are assessing changing this to display all content types, please bear with us until we do. 
  • Child pages will not display on landing pages if they are hidden from navigation. Some content types, such as OC Service and OC Parks pages, are automatically hidden from navigation menus. If they are, they will not show on a landing page even when published. To change this, go to the Settings tab > uncheck the 'Hide this page from navigation menus' > Publish your updated child page. Your settings should look like this:
    The hide page settings in the Settings tab

Next steps:

  1. Create general pages
  2. Learn about OC Landing Page templates
  3. Manage the Landing module
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