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About the Lost Animals module

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The Lost Animals module uses an OC Module Interface page and OC Lost Animal pages to list any animals found by the city or council. The module presents essential details about lost animals, such as what it looks like, what it's named, and where it was found, so your community members can quickly identify their pets if they're looking for them.

The listing will display 10 entries per page in alphabetical order. There is also a search function in the right column which your community can use to search the lost animals by keyword or species.

Lost animals listing page

The OC Lost Animal content type can only populate information on the listing; they do not link out to a separate page. But before you start creating listing entires, you need to create the lost animals listing page.

How to create a lost animals listing page

  1. Right-click in the site tree where you would like to create the listing. If you have a centralized services section or an Animals and Pets section, we recommend creating it there.
  2. Select Create Page, then choose OC Module Interface as the content type.
  3. From the Template Name dropdown menu, select OC Lost Animals.
    lost animals template
  4. Fill out the necessary fields.
  5. Publish your page.

You can also add any introductory or supplementary content to the WYSIWYG content areas, such as an introduction to the page, a contact number, or instructions for adoption.

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