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About the Dashboard

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When you log in to your OpenCities admin, you'll land on the Dashboard, which gives you access to several valuable tools. From the Dashboard, you can:

  • Access the main menu
  • Search for content
  • Use Shortcuts to view and create specific content types
  • Access your content


The main menu The main menu gives you access to all the essential areas of your site's admin. Learn more about the main menu.
Predictive content search

Use this search bar to find content on your site, including pages and files. This is a predictive search field, so start typing your search in and select the content you're looking for from the list, or select Search to see the complete list of results.

Additionally, you can select Advanced Search to enter specific search queries such as Page Authors and Owners, content types, and workflow stages.

My Shortcuts

Under My Shortcuts, you'll find the shortcuts your site manager or system admin has made available. For each shortcut, an icon will be visible, and when you hover over one, you'll be able to Create a page or See All the pages of that content type in the section the shortcut points to.

Creating pages through shortcuts will automatically create a page under the relevant section for that shortcut.

My Content

This is a tabbed section that lists content and activity relevant to your user account. The tabs available are:

  • My WIP: the list of pages you have checked out for editing.
  • My Approvals: a list of pages currently pending workflow approval that you can action. This tab only appears if you are a member of a workflow group. Please note that this tab will list all pending pages in a workflow relevant to your user, not just pages you have been notified about through approver selection.
  • My Pages: the list of content you have created or published that you own.
  • My Bookmarks: pages and files that you have bookmarked.
  • Page Comments: comments your content has received if submitted to a workflow or external review.
  • Activity Stream: the last ten content actions taken by any user.

Selecting items from this list will take you directly to that content.

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