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Get content reviewed by external reviewers

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A content review process, in which at least one other person looks over your work, is essential to creating successful content and effective communication between colleagues.

We support two forms of content review: Workflow and a more informal, page-level process. This informal review process allows content authors to request a review from another content author, a Site Manager, or someone who does not have an OpenCities account. Using external reviewers provides a fresh perspective and ensures employees from outside the OpenCities site are aware of what content is in the pipeline.

Submitting a page for external review

To get your content reviewed, select Review when you're editing a page. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to check the page, then press Submit. You can add as many email addresses as you need to, separating them by a comma.

The external review selection screen

We'll send your reviewers an email with links to the page admin and a preview of the live page. The reviewers can access both links at any time until:

  • The version being reviewed is no longer in a workflow (e.g., it was already approved) 
  • The version being reviewed was published
  • The reviewer has commented on the page (i.e., when they leave a comment, the token is used up)
  • The version being reviewed was deleted

They'll be able to preview it and make any comments, which will be emailed back to the user who submitted the page for review. Each reviewer can only comment on the content once before their links expire, but multiple reviewers can access the review links sent to them.

A page under review with a comment field at the top for feedback

This is an informal review, and it is not essential. Check out Create a workflow if you want your page to be part of a formal review process that is contained within OpenCities.

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