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Integrate with TRIM (premium)

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If you use the TRIM / Micro Focus Content Manager document management system, you can integrate it with OpenCities as a premium module.

This allows for documents and files from your TRIM / Content Manager installation to be sent across and stored in OpenCities for use by authors in their content pages.

Any updates you make to a file in TRIM will be synchronized with OpenCities so there's no double-handling of files and updates.

Supported versions

OpenCities supports integrations with TRIM / Content Manager versions 7.5 to 10.1. If you’re interested in an integration with any other version, please contact us.

Please note that Micro Focus have released end of support dates for TRIM / Content Manager versions 9.0 to 9.4, as follows:

Content Manager Version


Micro Focus End of Committed Support

Content Manager 9.0

11 July 2016

30 September 2019

Content Manager 9.1

29 November 2016

28 February 2020

Content Manager 9.2

30 November 2017

31 December 2020

Content Manager 9.3

1 August 2018

31 August 2021

Content Manager 9.4

30 August 2019

30 September 2022

Integrate your system

Because each TRIM system is unique, the steps for integrating your system with OpenCities will also be unique. To get started, please contact your Project Manager or Customer Success Consultant by raising a support case, then we'll walk you through it.

Upgrading your TRIM version

Your systems and environments are unique, so the steps for upgrading your TRIM / Content Manager version may require different or additional steps than those outlined below. However, the general process often looks like:

  1. Back up the C:\Program Files\Seamless\Seamless CMS DMSIntegration folder
  2. Uninstall SeamlessDMSIntegration from the Windows control panel
  3. Run the new TRIM installer
  4. Edit line 72 of C:\Program Files\Seamless\Seamless CMS DMSIntegration\Seamless.CMS.DMSIntegration.Winservice.exe.config
    to be <security mode="Transport">

Should you have any custom configurations or firewalls, additional configuration or troubleshooting may be required.

Anything else?

Do you use the ECM document management system instead? Check out this topic for help with OpenCities integration

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