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Manage and update your support cases

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Once you've submitted a ticket, you can reply to any updates we make via email or the Granicus support portal. Generally, it will be easier for you to reply straight through your email client and keep track of responses through the email trail. Logging in to the support portal will let you get an overview of the status of all your case requests.

We recommend creating a folder for emails from the support@granicus.com email address, so all your updates will route into the same place.

Respond to a case communication

The easiest and quickest way for you to respond to us is through email. Using this method, you can just reply to our communications and it will automatically be logged in your case timeline.

After you submit a case, we'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible. When we respond, you'll receive our response in an email along with any attachments we need to send you. To get back to us, simply Reply to the email, and we'll receive your response in our support portal.

This method allows you to track responses in the email trail and when you want to close the case, you can just email us in the ticket and we can close it in the support portal. Once a case has been closed, replying in the email trail will reopen your case.

Manage your cases in the Granicus support portal

To manage and update your cases you will first need to log in to the Granicus support portal.

  1. Once you've logged in, go to My Support Cases. You'll first see a list of all cases submitted by your organization. Select the dropdown under Cases, and find the My Submitted Cases - All list. You can Pin this list so it's automatically the list that appears in the future. 
    My Submitted Case list on salesforce platform
  2. Select the case you need to respond to from the list by clicking on the Case Number or Subject.
  3. The Details tab will show the information from your original request, as well as the Status, and the Related tab will show you all the communications on the ticket thus far.
  4. To respond, you need to Share an update. Type your response into the Share an update... field under Post in the right-hand column.
  5. Select Share to send the response.
  6. If you want to close the case, select Close Case. You can reopen a closed case for up to two weeks after closing it. You'll need to go back to the case in your list, then select Create Follow-Up Case in the Details tab. If you need to reopen a case after two weeks, please open a separate case and reference the original case number.

the details tab on an open case with the close case button and share post circled

The right-hand side panel of a case will show you a timeline of responses, but please ensure that you are using the Share an update field to respond, rather than any of the Comment fields.

We recommend responding to case communications via email and using the support portal to keep track of the status of your cases.

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