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Create an OC Discussion page

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OC Discussion pages provide the opportunity for your community to comment on ongoing projects or proposals and are an integral part of consultation pages. When an OC Consultation page is created, 3 child folders are created with it. The 'Discussions' folder is where you will create your OC Discussion pages.

The discussions folder and pages in the site tree

OC Discussion pages will display under a Discussions accordion on the consultation page. Clicking on an item in the Discussions accordion will take your community to a page where they can submit any commentary they have on the topic of consultation and subscribe to the discussion.


See it in action: Check out a discussion about a 'New Library Centre' consultation on our demo site.

How to create an OC Discussion page

  1. Right-click on the Discussions folder under the consultation page.
  2. Select Create Page. It will automatically create a new page with OC Discussion as the content type.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields.
  4. Publish your discussion page.

Make sure you publish the OC Discussion page and the 'Discussions' folder, so they will show on the OC Consultation page.

What to include on your OC Discussion page:

Use the following information to fill out the discussion page fields:

Field Function
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Discussion Title The title of the discussion, this presents at the top of the discussion page and on the parent consultation page.
Include in timeline Check 'Yes' if you want this discussion page to display in the Timeline side panel of the consultation page. This will create a link from the timeline to this discussion page.
Discussion dates
Closing date The closing date for comments on this discussion.
Hide closing information

Check 'Yes' if you don't want to show the closing date on this discussion page

And display following instead Add any additional information here, if you have selected to hide the closing date information.

Discussion pages only have one template which contains a comment field where your community can submit their feedback or ideas, and a WYSIWYG Editor through which you can expand on what the discussion is about.

They will also automatically have a 'Watch this discussion' button which the site visitor can use to subscribe to the discussion. We recommend disabling the Page subscriptions feature for discussion pages, which you can do through the Site Management settings. Please see the Page Discussions module for more information on how page comments work.

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