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About Page Discussions

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One of the most important aspects of local government websites is the ability for your community to give feedback about projects or proposals happening around them.

The Page Discussions module gives your community the opportunity to engage with your website on a deeper level. They can comment on pages, follow discussions, reply to other comments or report comments for moderation. 

An example of page discussions with comments on a webpage

The first time they add a comment, they’ll need to enter their name and email address. After that, their details will be filled in automatically (although they can log in as a different user if they want). These are stored in the cookies so they don't have to create a user account, although they can do this later through MyCity if they want. They can also click ‘Watch this discussion' on a page to be notified when comments are added.

Site managers can set up Page discussion defaults for the entire website, and page owners and authors can set up Page discussions directly on a page. You can also choose who gets notified when comments are received or reported, although the default will be the page owner and author, and you can manage and moderate comments at the page level.

How do I start?

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