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What's new in July 2016 (v1.6)

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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Module comes with many different types of pages and features that allow you to gather feedback from your community about new things Council is going to be doing or building.


Blog Listing (Distributed with Community Engagement)

One of the page types that make up the Community Engagement Module is the Blog page. Blogs provide a way for you to communicate progress to the community and let everyone know what Council is deciding on. Blogs can be used in isolation to a Consultation with their own Listing Page as well.


Page Feedback

OpenCities provides a default Page Feedback form for authors to use on their webpages. It allows authors to receive insights from the viewers and keep their content aligned with what the viewers need.


Document Library

Document Libraries are collections of documents that can be grouped together and searched from an alphabetical listing page. Two types of document libraries are available; Relative libraries which collate documents created under the listing page, and Global libraries which collate documents from the whole site.



  • You have the ability to create multiple dashboard shortcuts for the same content type which will have different root level pages. For more details
  • Improvements made to side panel content such as the "Contact Information" box so that the information renders when 1 of the optional fields has been populated.
  • Fixed : My Neighborhood clustering icons has been reintroduced.


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