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What's new in December 2017 (v1.11)

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Watch the webinar for a complete look at what's new:

Help your community engage with you on social media

Today, most people use at least one social media platform. You can better engage with your community by promoting your own social media presence and encouraging them to share your content. With our new social tools, this is super easy to do.

Share your social feeds

Embed social media feeds in your site to help your community keep up with what you’re sharing.


See a demo, or check out Embed Twitter and Facebook social media feeds for more information.

Make your content quick to share

Add the Share Pages feature to your site to help site visitors share your content on social media with the touch of a button. You can add it to every page, every page with a certain content type, or just a few individual pages.


See a demo, or check out Help site visitors share pages on social media for more information.

Link to anywhere from a redirect page

Have you ever wanted to link to a page on an external site within your own navigation? Now you can set up pages that link to content anywhere on the internet. The new redirect page module can point your citizens to information on a different website, or pages within your own website.

Redirect pages work from within navigation, search results, and landing pages. In this example, the redirect page links to the Events & Activities page filtered by ‘Kids & Family’:


See a demo (click 'Kids & Family'), or check out Create a redirect page for more information.

Manage modules on all your sites

OpenCities is now even more open. Previously there were some modules that you were only able to use in your main site, Intranet or subsites. Now modules can be utilized in more ways. For example, if you’ve purchased the Community Engagement module, now you can install it on a subsite and create a dedicated Community Engagement site.

View details about the modules that are available to you, and install them yourself without needing to contact our support team. See what you already have installed – and what you’re missing out on – from the Modules page.


Check out Install and manage your modules for more information.

Pin content to the homepage

The content on your homepage is the face of your website. Now you can pin items within a section of content to feature them. They’ll stay pinned when you update the rest of the section with new items.


Check out Pin or hide content on your homepage for more information.

Updated search tools

Search elements on listing pages have been revamped. It’s now much easier for your citizens to select lots of categories at once when they are filtering content.


See a demo

Plenty of small improvements

Cleaner layouts for printing

Printing out a page from your website is more streamlined. When your citizens print a page with multiple sections, tabs, accordions, or tables of contents, it will now print every section rather than just the one they’re looking at. To help them find the online version of a page from the print-out, we now include QR codes on printed pages.

Wider compatibility for waste collection uploads

You can now upload CSV as well as XLS files when you’re setting up waste collection dates. (CSV files must conform to the Microsoft Excel CSV standard.)

Better text-to-speech support

We fully support webReader, ReadSpeaker’s new text-to-speech product. See a demo, or check out Let your visitors convert site text to speech for more information.

More control over the homepage tab

You can now increase or decrease the number of items shown in homepage tabs. Check out Pin or hide content on your homepage for more information.

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