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About Intranets

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Intranets are private networks contained within organizations, to which your staff can go to collaborate on projects, stay updated on company news, find information, communicate with other staff members. Intranets can also be password-protected, so you can be sure that only staff members are accessing them. Please note that you cannot delete or archive the login pages we create as we create your site.

An Intranet can be accessed from any device, so your staff can work together from anywhere, and can be integrated with external user management systems to make it easy to add and manage users. Additionally, you can use the OC Member role to add users to the Intranet without giving them permission to create and manage content.

Intranet homepage

Explore an Intranet on our demo site, using the login details provided.

If you're interested in purchasing an Intranet, submit a ticket and our Growth team will get in touch with you to talk about the process. Once this process is complete and your Intranet is ready to go live, your site manager will need to submit a ticket to finalize the process at least 3 weeks before the launch date. 

Intranet modules

Intranets come with several of the same modules that are available on main sites or subsites, and more that you can install yourself. There are also two modules that are unique to Intranets – the Staff Directory module and the Message Board module.

Here are the modules available for Intranets, divided into those that come with the Intranet and those you have to install yourself:

Automatically installed Manually installed
Announcements A-Z Directory
Calendars Community Engagement (premium)
Document Libraries Departments
Events Development Applications
General pages Elected Officials
Homepage Initiatives
Image Galleries Jobs
Landing pages Lost Animals
Maps Minutes and Agendas
Message Board Parks
News Public Notices
Page Discussions Services
Page Feedback Venues
Rotating Banner Works and Projects
Site Login  
Site Footer  
Site Search  
Staff Directory  

Staff Directory module

The Staff Directory module is a searchable listing of staff members in your city or council, which you can use to create a directory of staff members, a profile page for each staff member, and a profile editing page, which your staff members can use to edit their own profiles.


Message Board module

The Message Board module allows your staff members to communicate by posting and commenting on messages. The message board can be used for shorter messages, such as announcements for particular departments, area or office closures, or messages about immediate news. In this way, it differs from the News module, which should be used for longer news articles and ongoing news items. 


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