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Manage the Homepage module

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This task can be undertaken by users with the following roles: OC Site Manager and OC System Administrator.

The Homepage module manages the settings for the following content types: OC Profile, OC Top Task, OC Slide, OC Tab Widget, OC Featured Background, and OC Featured Content.

You can manage the settings for the Homepage module from Site Management.

  1. From the main menu, go to More > Site Management > your site > Settings.
  2. Select Homepage.
    Homepage icon in site management
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Save your changes.

Settings for the Homepage module

Top task icons

These are the icons available to choose from when you're creating an OC Top Task page.

Add a new icon for your top tasks on the homepage using the Enter new icon field and selecting Add

You can also delete our pre-made icons or drag them to change their order in the list. If you delete any of the preset icons, you will need to assign a new one to any top tasks using that icon.

Note: if you're adding a new icon, you need to ensure an icon with the same name is already in your theme. Adding new icons to your theme is a front-end developer task.

Learn more about configuring top task icons in your theme.

Authors must comment upon publishing? Select this option to make it mandatory for authors to comment about their changes before publishing the page.

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