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What’s new in October 2018 (v1.14)

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Watch the webinar for a complete look at what's new:

Build more user-friendly themes

We’ve added some enhancements to themes so OpenCities can work more intuitively. Our new homepage carousel for listings means your users can scroll through big lists without getting bogged down in rows of content.

Swipe with your finger or click the navigation arrows to move through the slideshow.

See a demo

We’ve also improved themes for mobiles and tablets. Now you can set the search bar to always show on mobiles, so your site visitors don’t have to tap to open it. They can also swipe to close the main menu, which feels really natural.

Check out the Themes help topics for more info.

More ways to manage waste collections

This release, we’ve added new ways to handle addresses and dates for waste collection in the My Area module.

Previously, if you wanted to change waste collection details, you had to upload a spreadsheet containing new data. Now you can manage your waste collection data through the API or directly in OpenCities, without uploading a new spreadsheet. You can also set more general dates (e.g. ‘in October’ instead of ‘on the 3rd of October’).

Visit Set up waste collections for more info.

There are also some small enhancements to the My Area address search—now, it’s smarter. Your site visitors should be able to find their address if they make a typo, because the search will suggest possible options to them. They’ll find what they need with fewer taps.

See a demo

Show more detail on landing pages

You asked to be able to do more with landing pages, so we’ve revamped landing page templates.

You can now add body content after your list of pages, and add quick links at the top of the page. We’ve also added the option to show a featured image on the landing page itself, so you can make landing pages as eye-catching as the rest of your site.

See a demo, or visit Landing page templates for more info.

A few small improvements

Maps module fixes

We’ve made some small fixes to the Maps module, which we released in August. Expect your maps to work more smoothly from now on.

We’re working better behind the scenes

We’ve made some much-needed updates to the back end of OpenCities. Most of these you probably won’t notice, but they’re helping us work smarter to make your OpenCities experience more seamless.


We hope you enjoy OpenCities 1.14!

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