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About the Site Login module

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The Site Login module is available to password-protect an Intranet, MyCity site, or a subsite. If you set up the Site Login module correctly, site visitors can only access it if they enter a correct username or password.

The 2 main pages you need are the login page and the change password page. Both use the OC Module Interface content type, and both will be created for you as we create an Intranet or MyCity site. If you're using this module on an Intranet, you cannot delete or archive the login pages we create as we set up your site. If you want to use the Site Login module for your subsite, you must install the module yourself. 

See it in action: check out a sign-in page and a change password page on our demo site. 

a sign in page and a change password page

The sign-in page is what site visitors will see when they first come to the site. To access the content, they will need to enter a username and password. The change password page is where they will go if they need to change their password after they've logged in.

As these pages use the OC Module Interface content type, they use different templates for the forms on the page. They also have WYSIWYG content areas to which you can add introductory or supplementary content, such as instructions for logging in or password requirements.

Please note that there is a 30-minute session time for all users of password-protected sites. If a staff member is logged in but has been inactive for 30 minutes or longer, they will need to log back in.

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