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About the Calendars module

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The Calendars module makes it simple to create calendars to give your community a visual representation of what's happening in your city or council. Your community will also be able to click on dates and be linked through to the content page for that occurrence. The module comes preinstalled on main sites, Intranets, and subsites, but you will need the OC Calendar Manager role to create them.

Please note that, by default, images on calendars will display as usual when viewed on a desktop, but not when viewed on a mobile device. This improves the user's experience when viewing your site, and gives you more screen space to add the content that's important.

Calendars are created through listing pages with a date field, so any content type that has a date field can be listed on a calendar. These content types include:

  • OC Bids and Tenders
  • OC Blog
  • OC Consultation
  • OC Consultation Timeline
  • OC Development Application
  • OC Discussion
  • OC Event
  • OC Event Location
  • OC Job
  • OC Lost Animal
  • OC Meeting
  • OC News Article
  • OC Project
  • OC Public Notice
  • OC Resource

Once they are created, you can embed them into any page with a WYSIWYG Editor.


You can also create combined calendars, which is when you merge several calendars into one to present several different types of listings.

See it in action: check out a single calendar and a combined calendar on our demo site.

Some ideas for calendars

You can do a lot of things with calendars, but here are a couple of ideas we've seen in action:

  • City or council meetings that are open to the public
  • Event listings for general use or specific calendars for festival or seasonal events
  • A consultation timeline that shows each timeline item 
  • A combined calendar that shows meetings and events for specific departments

Where to start

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