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Create or update a calendar

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This task can be undertaken by users with the following roles: OC Calendar Manager.

Calendars show your community what things are happening in your city or council. They are built around content types, labels, or both, and any content type with a date field can be listed on a calendar.


This video shows the example of creating a calendar for council meetings, and it uses a content type and content label filter to achieve it.

How to create a calendar

To create a calendar:

  1. From the main menu, go to More > Calendars.
  2. Select a calendar from the list to edit it, or select Create calendar to create a new one.
  3. Fill out the necessary fields. 
  4. Save and Preview your calendar.

Once your calendar is ready, you can add it to any page with a WYSIWYG Editor.

What to include on your calendar

Use the following information to create your calendar:

Field Function
Name Give your calendar a descriptive name. This name will appear in the Calendar Management list and the embed calendar list in WYSIWYG Toolbars.
Description An internal description, letting other users know what is on the calendar.
Include these content types

Select the content types you want to include in this calendar. You can only use content types that have a date field.

If the content type has more than one date field, you can use the Field used for date dropdown to select which field you want to use for this calendar.

Note: you will need to include at least one content type.

Include these content labels

Select the content labels you want to include on this calendar to filter further the content type pages you've chosen above. You can choose from:

All: the calendar will display all the chosen content type pages with any or no content labels.

Some: select which labels you want to apply to this calendar from the list. Check Each page must have all labels to create a specific calendar that only includes pages that have your chosen content type and all the specified content labels.

Include content from these sites Select which sites you want to include pages from. You can select more than one site to source pages from, but choosing none will create a blank calendar.
Display options
Filter label Give your calendar a label that your community can use to filter the calendar if it has been included as part of a combined calendar.
Color The color that represents the calendar items. Use the color picker to choose one, or type in a hex code.

The icon that represents each calendar item. You can upload your own icon, or choose letters instead of an icon.

When uploading an icon, we recommend a minimum size of 18x18 pixels and a maximum size of 72x72 pixels. If you upload something larger than 72x72, we’ll shrink it down. We also recommend using a simple image if it's part of a combined calendar.

Please note that if any pages that you're targeting with your calendar are hidden from search, they will not display in the calendar. To check this, go to the Settings tab of the page and make sure that the Hide this page from search box is unchecked.

Add your calendar to a page 

Once your calendar is ready, you can add it to any page with a WYSIWYG Editor. We recommend embedding your calendars on OC General pages with the Full Width Without Image template, which will give you the maximum amount of space for your community to view the calendar.

  1. In the site tree, navigate to the page you want to add the calendar to or create a new one.
  2. Select Update if the page has been published and open the WYSIWYG Editor.
  3. Select the Insert Calendar tool from the WYSIWYG Toolbar.
  4. Choose your combined calendar from the dropdown list, and it will appear as a green widget box in your body content.
  5. Select Save Content and Close to exit the WYSIWYG Editor and Publish your page.

Make sure you check out the live version of the page to make sure the calendar is appearing correctly. If it's not, double-check the steps you took to create your calendar and submit a ticket if you're still having problems.

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