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What's new in September 2019 (v1.18)

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Watch the webinar for a complete look at what's new:

Track site performance with the Insights Dashboard


We’ve been helping you monitor site traffic with built-in stats and Google Analytics integration for a while. Now we’re taking that a step further with the Insights dashboard. This new admin screen ties together all the metrics you could track before in an attractive, customizable package, and adds powerful new tools like search behavior and page usefulness. 

Use the Insights dashboard to tailor your site content to visitor needs by tracking what your residents are searching for, and which pages could use a little love (including top tasks that aren’t living up to their name). 

You can also share the Insights dashboard with people that aren’t OpenCities users. Now you can easily keep stakeholders like managers and executives in the loop. We’ve shared our Point Russell dashboard with you so you can see how it works :)

Find out more in our help center: get site analytics with the Insights dashboard.

Put a spotlight on departments with Featured Sections


Give any area of your sites a unique look and feel with Featured sections. Help departments, facilities, or listing pages shine with individual logos, themes and navigation options, then use our new layout options like rotating banners and featured links to complete the picture. 

Featured sections are a great way to tie together areas of your site that stand apart but don’t necessarily require their own sub-site. See our demo and learn more in the help center.

Show off important links in the Utility Bar


Insert links and phone numbers into your site header with the new Utility bar. This bar is visible on every page of your site, so visitors always have your contact details and important links close to hand.

Keep business in the loop with Bids and Tenders


Use our new Bids and Tenders module to list open tender opportunities in your City, link to management portals, and keep track of tenders that have been finalized and awarded. See a demo.  

Complete your look with new layout options

Rotating banners

Now you can add rotating banners to any page with WYSIWYG content. Use rotating banners to help style featured sections, or draw attention to events and other listings. 

Featured links

Further style your featured sections (or any WYSIWYG content) with featured links. By applying one of four custom styles, you can draw attention to important links and guide your visitors around section content. 

Two level menu navigation

Funnel site traffic more efficiently with two-level menu navigation. Currently, with three-level menu navigation, visitors can bypass landing pages to access site content directly. If you’d like a more closely guided visitor experience, choose two level navigation in your theme builder header options. 

Full width headers

In the theme builder, you can now decide whether your site header is full width or matches the page content area for visitors viewing your page on desktop screens. Use this alongside similar options for rotating banners to fine-tune the styling of your sites. 

Other improvements

  • Users now only see dashboard shortcuts for content types they have permission to create.
  • Print-outs of our webpages are now much easier on the eye. 
  • Maps are now available for password protected sites like Intranets. 
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