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What's new in October 2020 (v1.22)

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Streamline event creation with Eventbrite integration


Eventbrite integration is now out of beta and available as a premium module to all customers. With this premium module, you can:

  • Create events in Eventbrite that will automatically display on your sites, and look just like those made directly in OpenCities.
  • Make all events, no matter where they are created, discoverable across your main and subsite home pages, maps, search results, and My Neighborhood.
  • Allow residents to register for events and buy tickets without leaving your sites.
  • Move Eventbrite events through a proven OpenCities workflow.
  • Use your own custom event template to control the look and feel of events.

If you’d like to increase the discoverability of your events and cut down on content duplication — reach out about activating this premium module today.

Log in using the Okta authentication cloud

We're expanding our single sign on authentication options. Now you'll be able to use the Okta authentication cloud and Azure AD for identity management and authentication across OpenCities admin, Intranets and Websites.

Okta and Azure AD support is bundled as part of all OpenCities Intranets. It’s also available as a premium module for cities without an OpenCities-powered Intranet.


Easily add sidebars to your content


Have you always wanted to add a sidebar to your general content pages? Now you can. Simply jump into our new WYSIWYG-powered sidebar option.

And more…


Improving the MyCity sign-up experience 

We're tweaking the MyCity module to make it easier for people to sign up and create listings for their businesses, community organisations, and events. We heard reports of email firewalls blocking account sign up confirmation emails, so we worked under the hood and updated our sign up experience to help ensure that all emails are trusted and safely delivered.


Fully audited and certified WCAG 2.1 AA compliance

Accessibility has been and always will be a major focus area for OpenCities. We’ve completed our efforts to certify as fully WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, with a successful audit and certification of accessibility from Vision Australia. 

For more information, view our Accessibility Statement.

Providing a seamless resident experience with OpenCities and Accela

Many cities across the United States utilize the rich functionality of the Accela Citizen Access Portal to manage digital citizen interactions and requests. We’ve included some behind the scenes mechanisms to help create an intuitive front-end experience and seamless customer journey for citizens accessing this service.


If you’re interested in what is possible between OpenCities and Accela, drop us a note today.


Iconography updates in site administration

We've updated the icons in our site management and modules areas to make them more consistent, recognisable, and readable, helping you search for and find what you need faster. (As a bonus, we think this makes your site administration experience more visually appealing, too!)


Kia ora! Māori language support

We've added a Māori language pack — reach out to us to get up and running. If you are in New Zealand, we recommend manually translating your most important pages into te reo Māori and using our Google Translate option for all other content.


All links created in page content now default to HTTPS

We’ve updated the behaviour of links created across all of our content types to use the https:// prefix by default. This helps to ensure that all content is served securely.


General maintenance fixes and improvements

  • We upgraded our Google Maps implementation to use a newer version of the Google API
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements
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