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About the External User Management module

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This task can be undertaken by users with the following roles: OC Developer and OC System Administrator.

An external user management system allows you to manage users and identities from one central system. OpenCities has a connector for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta Identity Cloud, and OneLogin. This module manages single sign-on for OpenCities admins, Intranet users, and password-protected sites. You can also use these systems to sync and populate your staff directory.

The External User Management module is included with Intranets and can be purchased as a premium module for organizations without Intranets. 

Please note that deleting a connected external user system will deactivate synced users. If you're disabling a connection, you'll need to convert your users from external to local management before deleting the external user management system.

Before you begin

If you have an Intranet, this module will automatically be installed for you. If you don't have an Intranet and want to use the module, you need to lodge a ticket with our support team to start the process. 

After the payment has been processed, we'll install the module for you and it will be available for all of your sites (except for MyCity). You'll then need to configure the module by going to More > External User Management and choosing which service you're using to manage users. OpenCities has connectors for:


If you choose to use multiple identity providers, ensure you don't duplicate user information across services. The system will take data from Azure AD first, then Okta, and then OneLogin and data taken from subsequent identity providers will overwrite the previous one.

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