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What's new in April 2021 (v1.23)

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Additional security enhancements to keep you and your residents safe

Further to CDN, security, and file header enhancements in early 2021, we’ve extended security across OpenCities to provide stronger protection against attack vectors. This includes stricter policies for embedded third party scripts and improvements to the way OpenCities staff are authorized when supporting you in your administration interface.


It is now easier to find and manage redirections on the URL Mapping screen

We know citizens find their way through your online presence in multiple ways, including and short or vanity URLs you might use for short, snappy ways to get deep into your site. We wanted to make management and coordination of this easier when you have multiple departments and campaigns running. We’ve made improvements to the URL mapping screen to make it easy to find and manage these redirections with a new interface.


Building blocks for a new search experience

OpenCities is your digital front door. Ensuring your online services are searchable and discoverable is core to that experience. We’ve been working under the hood on our indexing and search technologies to bring you a brand new search experience in the future.

If you are interested in understanding more or staying tuned as we progress, join our community conversation.


Behind the scenes magic to optimize your file storage

While we were under the hood, we made a change to the way that files are stored to make sure that we never store the same data twice. Over the coming months we will be enabling this new hash-based file storage system. No matter where you upload or store your files in OpenCities, we’ll be saving you storage space.


Other bug fixes and minor improvements, featuring:

  • Improved reliability when using advanced WYSIWYG components like accordions
  • Extended capabilities when switching between locally managed and external user identity management 
  • Enabling our Insights dashboard to work with the latest version of Google Analytics
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