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Create meta tag for CMS deeplinking

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What is CMS Deeplinking?

CMS deeplinking is a feature of third party tools (like Siteimprove) that allows you to link directly from a page you are viewing or scanning using the third party tool to the CMS editing screen for that page.

For CMS deeplinking to function, you need to create a way for the governance tool to correlate a public-facing page with the CMS editing page.

The most common way to do this is to add an identifier meta tag to the HTML of each page on your site.

This article will walk you through the steps of configuring a meta tag that will allow you to use CMS Deeplinking with a website governance tool.

Configuring meta tag

  1. From the main menu, go to More > Site Management > your site > Settings.
  2. Select Metadata
  3. Expand the Additional Tags accordion to see the Add Tag function.
  4. In the Tag Name field, add the name-value your CMS requires.
    (If you need a meta tag that looks like the example below, you would use "id" as the tag name.)
    <meta name="id" content="8cd149d1-8f92-40ef-acb2-029a486b5f01">
  5. Leave the Tag Value drop-down blank and in the Alternative text value freeform text field, enter the following snippet.
    <system type="ItemID" format="D"/> 
  6. Select Add Tag and you should see an entry similar to the example below appear.
  7. Select Save Settings in the Metadata settings area.
  8. Finally, select Save to complete the process. 

To add CMS Deeplinking for multiple sites, repeat the steps for each site.


Once this is configured, you should be able to find the new meta tag in the HTML of pages on your OpenCities sites.

The metadata content value in the page HTML should correlate to the ID of the page ID in the admin site.

HTML Meta Tag

<meta name="id" content="8cd149d1-8f92-40ef-acb2-029a486b5f01">

Admin Page URL Examples





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