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About landing pages

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Landing pages are used for organizing your content into different sections for your site. They act as a parent page and a main menu for all the child pages below them.

They are great for identifying and separating different sections of your site. On our demo site, we have used an OC Landing Page to separate our leisure center content, and our community activity content

Landing pages are customizable through implementing different templates. The template you use depends on your needs. If you want a highly visual page that indicates a specific section of your site, use OC 3 Columns with Images.

Landing page with 3 Columns with Images template

Or maybe, you have a landing page with a lot of child pages below it and you want a page that lists all the pages below it with the ability to search. In this case, you would use a template with a search function, the OC Full Width with Search for example.

Currently, our search function for landing pages will only display pages with the content types: OC General, OC Module Interface, OC Landing Page and OC Redirect Page. We are assessing changing this to display all content types, please bear with us until we do. 

landing page with Full Width with Search template

Next Steps:

  1. Create a Landing page
  2. Learn about OC Landing page templates
  3. Manage the Landing page module
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