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About general pages

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OpenCities has created content types to meet the needs of most different tasks and content that cities or councils may wish to display on their sites. These content types provide a formula for presenting most information but, for pages that do not conform to specific needs, we have created the OC General content type.

How to use them:

General pages provide an overarching content type for when you have information that doesn't fit an available content type. We've seen great use of them for "About" pages and other informative or explanatory content, but here are some other ideas:

  • Hosting forms, maps, calendars and content lists – events or services for specific sections of your site, that need to be hosted outside of the Module Interface listing pages 
  • Contact pages – pages containing contact details for a department or for embedding a contact form 
  • Creating error pages – 404 error pages, or Page Not Found error pages 
  • Informational pages such as different features of a recreation center, for example, or different council programs
  • A springboard for external sites – services, publications or events hosted externally
  • Pages that you legally need to display on your site – disclaimers, copyright or social media policies
  • Pages that require a blank slate for embed codes for forms, videos and social media posts
  • Pages that give details about emergencies that can be linked to from announcements

General pages are also useful when you have text-heavy pages with many sections that are not suitable for accordions or tabs. General pages give you the ability to divide a page into sections and create a table of contents.

Next steps:

  1. Create a General page
  2. Learn about general page templates
  3. Divide your page into sections
  4. Mange the General page module
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