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Update a synced event

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OpenCities has event integrations with Eventbrite, ATDW, and Spydus, which allow you to automatically sync events from external accounts. Please note these are premium modules. Once installed and set up, the modules will sync events as OC Event pages, allowing most of the same functionalities as events you create within OpenCities.

If you'd like to edit the available fields of a synced event, you can edit the event just as you would an event you've created in OpenCities.

  1. Locate the event in your site tree.
  2. Select Update.
  3. Make your changes in the page fields. Please note that you will be unable to alter the content in the WYSIWYG Editors or in some other locked fields. 
  4. Publish your updated event

It's worth noting that some fields that you can normally edit in event pages created in OpenCities are locked for synced events. This is to keep imported events consistent between the platforms. 

All fields which are locked in OpenCities can be edited and synced through Eventbrite, ATDW, or Spydus, but all unlocked fields can only be edited through OpenCities and will not update upon the next sync.

Here are the fields that you can update from OpenCities:

Field What it's for
Page name  Completes the unique page URL
Select event categories

The categories associated with the event. These categories are also used as a search filter on the events listing page. Eventbrite and ATDW have set categories. Any categories that do not exist in OpenCities will not be synced through with the event. Once an event has been synced, you can choose any OpenCities event categories that fit.

Note: OC Site Managers or OC System Administrators can customize the preset options available for events categories before content authors start creating content. Visit our Manage the Event module article for more details on how to do this

Add event image

Main image for the event used on the listing page, search results, and the OC Event page.

Note: when choosing an image, make sure it is at least 900px wide. This size will work for both templates available. 

Choose how this content will display on homepage listings

This dropdown menu will give you 3 options:

  1. Show on homepage listing (default): events will show the soonest upcoming events on the homepage listing, determined by the Add event dates field 
  2. Pin to homepage listing: the event will be pinned to the homepage listing to show regardless of the event date 
  3. Do not show on homepage listing: the event will not display on the homepage listing

Note: Past events will no longer show on the homepage listing, regardless of whether or not they are pinned.

Event Location  
Additional information Any descriptions of the location (for example, on a specific street corner, or a specific room and floor in a building)
Event host
Contact name Name of the event contact person or organization
Contact email Email of the contact person or organization
Contact phone number

Phone number of the contact person or organization

Alternate phone number

Alternate phone number of the contact person or organization

Event site or ticket site (starting with https:// or htpps://)

- locked for ATDW

Links to a ticketing site or event site

Links to social media Links to social media pages for your event
Cancel Event  
Additional information to show on event page (like reason for cancellation) Provide additional information about event cancellations. 
Supporting information  
Additional side panels Add additional side panel content. Use the field provided to name the panel and the edit button to open the WYSIWYG Editor.
Add supporting images Event-related images for an image gallery on the details page
Add supporting links Related internal and/or external links for the event
Add supporting documents Related documentation for the event
Add common search terms people would use when looking for this event Event keywords or metadata to boost page in search results
Content labels These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won’t see the labels). You can make lists out of content with the same label.

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