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The OC Folder content type

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Your OpenCities site is made up of pages with varying content types depending on the purpose of that page. While most of these content types are for a specific kind of content (such as OC Event or OC Park), some are more for navigational or organizational purposes.

The OC Folder content type can be used in several places in your site tree to group pages together and help keep your site organized. We'll create some "system pages" that help your site function when we build your site. We'll make these pages in OC Folders, so you can find and update them easily.


You can also create more OC Folder pages for a variety of purposes. Some common examples (including the folders we create for you) include:

Create an OC Folder

  1. Right-click in your site tree where you want to create the folder. If you want to create the folder on the top level of your site tree, click on the site name at the top of the site tree.
  2. Select Create Page, and choose OC Folder as the content type.
  3. Give your folder a Page name and fill out the What is the purpose of this content? field. This summary field is for internal purposes, so you may want to give content authors some insight into what content should be created under that folder.
  4. When you're ready, Publish the page.

The OC Folder content type does not display on the live site and, by default, will be hidden from navigation, internal search, and external search engines. Please note that the Hide this page from external search engines option in the Settings tab of each page will apply to that page and all of its child pages.

Because of this, we recommend using the OC Folder content type to house pages that are not meant to be available in search results. You can use other content types (such as OC Module Interface or OC Landing Page) to organize content types that you want your community to see.

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