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What's new in December 2021 (v1.25)

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Continuous improvements across the board

In this release we are bringing to you a swag of continuous improvements that span the OpenCities resident experience and admin interfaces. This includes updates for Intranets, MyCity, and the Eventbrite connector. For a full list, take a look at our changelog below.


Staged rollout continues for Azure AD external user management upgrades

In our last release we made an upgrade available to Azure AD using the new Microsoft Graph API. We are continuing the staged rollout to transition all existing Azure AD connections to the new API source before Microsoft introduces any breaking changes. Our team will be in touch to help with the transition, but as always, if you have any inquiries please reach out to us.



OpenCities Changelog 

Detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.25


Content types, components and templates

Tabs and Accordions

  • Resolved an issue where accordion expand controls may not work as expected when two or more content lists were rendered as accordions
  • Resolved an issue where tabs may be incorrectly displayed as accordions if not rendered at page load on pages divided into sections

Featured Backgrounds

  • Resolved an issue where fade to color on a featured background may not displaying as expected in some cases


Content editing and publishing

Admin Search

  • Resolved an issue where using Advanced Search in admin may not return results for content with an inactive content owner


Site Management

Embed Codes

  • Resolved an issue where additional text was added to an embed code on save

External User Management

  • Added support for Azure AD connector using Microsoft Graph API in addition to existing support for Azure AD Graph API

Language Support

  • Resolved an issue where Maori macrons couldn’t be added to the language directory event when a language pack was installed
  • Resolved error where the offensive words list displayed as empty if a single language was installed but not correctly selected 
  • Resolved an issue where TextBox and TextArea default text didn’t populate for multilingual sites 

My Area

  • Updated the system text for displaying waste services next collection date to a simplified template that reads better for a range of different service types


Premium modules and connectors

ATDW (beta)

  • Resolved an issue where the event would automatically archive after the last event date, even when the past event action default was not specifically set


  • Resolved an issue where some settings for Digital Workplace didn’t save when updated
  • Resolved an issue in staff directories where skipping to directory details wasn’t working as expected


  • Resolved an issue for MyCity events where the settings for directories to create events weren’t auto populated on install


  • Resolved an issue where non-English characters didn’t sync and render across properly in body content and short descriptions
  • Resolved an issue where the event would automatically archive after the last event date, even when the past event action default was not specifically set
  • Resolved an issue where Eventbrite events weren’t respecting the global ‘add to calendar’ settings for OC Events

Google Maps

  • Updated the Google Maps Javascript API used by OpenCities to version 3.46 
  • This version will display a dismissible warning message to IE11 users at the top of maps to indicate that Google Maps will end support for IE11 in August 2022


Upcoming deprecations + breaking changes

Azure AD

  • Microsoft will be deprecating Azure AD Graph API on June 30, 2022 in favour of Microsoft Graph API - staged rollout supported after Q4 2021 release
  • Support teams are in the process of completing a staged rollout to help transition existing connections to the new API before this becomes a breaking change

Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 desktop application on June 15th, 2022
  • We will deprecate support for IE11 when it is no longer supported by Microsoft on June 15th, 2022


  • We will be including support for the latest version of JQuery utilized by our theming engine in an upcoming release
  • This will require a manual change for existing themes as there may be breaking changes in some cases
  • A JQuery Migrate script will be included in theme management settings to assist with the transition
  • After support has been included, we will reach out to any impacted customers in staged rollout to ensure minimal impacts to site themes and the resident experience
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