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What's new in February 2022 (v1.26)

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Continuous improvements across the board with added security

In this release we are bringing to you a swag of continuous improvements that span the OpenCities resident experience and admin interfaces, alongside a behind the scenes security upgrade for our theming engine.


Staged rollout continues for Azure AD external user management upgrades

We are continuing the staged rollout to transition all existing Azure AD connections to the new API source and want to ensure every customer has completed the transition before 30 May 2022. If you have Azure AD installed and configured, our team are now reaching out with simple instructions to help with the transition.

See the latest in the help center, watch the instruction video or reach out to us for additional support.



OpenCities Changelog

Detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.26


Content types, page components and templates 


  • Resolved an issue where recurring event dates were not displaying in the correct format and order 
  • Resolved an issue where some consultation comments could be unexpectedly truncated 
  • Resolved an issue where homepage carousel wasn’t rendering correctly on some mobile devices 


  • Resolved an issue where an unhandled exception could prevent navigation from displaying in some cases


  • Changed the behaviour of bestbet query strings to display less frequently 
  • Resolved an issue where keywords were not being applied to search subscriptions in some cases


Content editing and publishing 


  • Resolved an issue where using hyperlink manager to create anchor tags would generate an incorrect URL 
  • Resolved an issue where an unhandled character encoding in WYSIWYG text could cause a 500 error in some cases 


Site Administration 

Content labels 

  • Resolved an issue where the content label screen would not display as expected when content labels are used extensively 

Embed codes  

  • Changed the location of the Embed Codes configuration screen to appear in the More menu instead of site management
  • Resolved an issue where a large number of embed code records could prevent the configuration options from loading successfully 

File management  

  • Resolved an issue where image files may not respect hide from external search engine setting when size parameters were added to the URL 


  • Improved address search result accuracy when using the API call for My Area 


Premium modules and connectors 

External user management 

  • Resolved an issue where additional user fields would not sync as expected in some cases for Azure AD configurations
  • Improved handling for user sync when those users may be part of a non-standard group in some Azure AD configurations


  • Resolved an issue where event submission validation was not working in Safari 


Accessibility enhancements 

Screen reader experience 

  • Improved screen reader experience when accessing an event with no future dates 
  • Improved screen reader experience when accessing an project with limited content on the page


Security enhancements 

Password protection 

  • Resolved an issue where some password protected pages may be partially accessed through a system generated preview link without permissions check


  • We have included support for the latest version of JQuery used by our theming engine for improved security and performance
  • All themes newly created after the release will use the newest version by default
  • Switching to the latest version will require a manual change for existing themes as there may be breaking changes in some cases 
  • A JQuery Migrate script is included in theme management settings to assist with manual transition 
  • We will reach out to any impacted customers in a long term staged rollout to ensure minimal impacts to site themes and the resident experience


Upcoming deprecations + breaking changes

Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 desktop application on June 15th, 2022
  • We will deprecate support for IE11 when it is no longer supported by Microsoft on June 15th, 2022
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