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Using the Audit Log

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This task is for users with the following roles: OC System Administrator and OC Site Manager.

The Audit Log, one of our admin tools, logs system events on your site so you can track down specific actions taken if you need to know more about them. The Audit Log displays each activity by the type of action taken, when it was taken, and who made that action.

the Audit log

Please note that this is a low-level audit and does not always give specifics. It can also be tricky to find the exact event you're looking for, as almost all actions will trigger an item on the audit log, and some will trigger multiple events. For example, saving your Site Settings will log many activities, and a user logging in will trigger a change to that user, but pushing a page to Publish in a workflow will not trigger an action in the log.

The Audit Log is best used as a tool for investigation if, for example, something is accidentally deleted, rather than as a robust reporting tool.

How to use the Audit Log

You'll find the log by going to More > Audit Log from the main menu. You'll be able to filter your search by Component type, Action, Name, User, Dates, Group, and System Changes. To see all actions taken, select Search without using any filters. You can also Export To XSL or Export To CSV to download your log as a spreadsheet.

The log table will show five columns, one for Component type, Name, Username, Time, and Action. Next to each column name are arrows which you can select to change the order of entries. Each column can be switched to alphabetical order and then reversed, except for the Time column, which switches between chronological and reverse-chronological order.

These are the filters you can use to search events:



Component type

This filter refers to the aspect of the product being worked on, such as a Page or User. Action will be logged when a Component type has been created, saved, or deleted from the database.

Not all of these will be relevant to general reporting tasks, but some are important to understand:

  • Admin Access: logs when a user accesses the admin
  • Configuration: logs when a user configures something in the admin 
  • File: use when looking for a change made to a file in your Files Library
  • Form: use when looking for a change or response made to a form
  • Group: use when looking for changes to a specific site, such as changing the domain.
  • Page: use when looking for a change made to a page or a page that's been created.
  • Role: use when looking for changes made to a role or a role that has been created.
  • Theme: use when a theme has been created or updated.
  • User: use when looking for a change made to a user. Please note the system will log a difference when a user logs into the admin.
  • Workflow: use when looking for changes made to a workflow. Please note that this will not log when a page has been published or deleted through a workflow.

This filters the type of action taken, such as:

  • Create: A component is created in the system, such as a page, language variant, theme, content type, or field template.
  • Update: when a component is updated in the system. Please note that an Update action will be logged any time you Save something, and there may be multiple entries when you Save settings of any sort.
  • Delete: when a component is permanently removed from the system, such as a page, language variant, theme, or file. 
  • Publish: when a component is published on the system, such as a page or file.
  • Archive: A component is archived in the system, such as a page or file.
Name This filters the name of the Component type you're looking for, such as a Page name, file name, the name of a Field, or Content type.
User This filters the username of the user who completed the action. 
Dates This filters the log by date. You can use the From and To fields to filter by a date range or exact date and time.

This filters by the sites you have. Just select the correct Site name from the dropdown menu.

Please note that you cannot view actions across multiple sites simultaneously.

Show System Changes

This includes changes our system has made, such as syncing Azure AD. 

Please note there is no way to only show system changes.

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