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About the EngagementHQ connector

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If your city or council uses EngagementHQ to connect and consult with your community, you can use the new EngagementHQ x OpenCities connector to display projects on your OpenCities site. Using the connector, you can improve project discoverability, broaden your audience and relevant feedback, and cross-promote at scale.

EngagementHQ x OpenCities connector infographic

With the EngagementHQ x OpenCities connector, you can:

  • Increase the volume of participation in projects through increasing awareness
  • Link to EngagementHQ projects on your OpenCities homepage
  • Surface EngagementHQ projects in your OpenCities search results
  • Display location-based projects in My Area and other maps
  • Highlight projects in navigation using Top Tasks
  • Use content labels to suggest relevant projects through related content or other content lists

With the connector, there is no need to duplicate project content on your OpenCities site or cross-promote manually; you'll be able to reach a broader and more diverse audience automatically.

Content will synchronize from your EngagementHQ site every 4 hours, so any updates you make in your EngagementHQ environment will be visible in OpenCities no later than 4 hours after publication. However, updates you make to projects in OpenCities will not sync back to EngagementHQ. Additionally, archived content will not sync from EngagementHQ to OpenCities; if you Archive content in EngagementHQ, you'll need to roll back the same content to remove it from your OpenCities site.

Install the Connector

This task is for users with the following roles: OC Site Manager, OC System Administrator, and OC Developer.

You'll need to install the module before setting up the EngagementHQ Connector.

  1. Go to More > Modules from the main menu of your OpenCities admin.
  2. Hover your cursor over the EngagementHQ module and select Install.
  3. Select the site you want to connect from the Choose a site... dropdown menu. Please note that you can only connect one OpenCities site to your EngagementHQ environment.
    EngagementHQ module install screen
  4. Select Install.

With the EngagementHQ x OpenCities Connector installed on your OpenCities site, you'll need to configure a few things in your EngagementHQ environment and set up how projects will display in your OpenCities admin.

Check out our detailed Engagement HQ x OpenCities Connector set up guide for instructions!

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